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Beta ulpan

Mastering Hebrew is key to your integration in Israel

Option #1

Program with attendance commitment of 2 months min., i.e. 8 consecutive weeks.

Basic: 2 hours, twice a week 

Intensive: 3 hours, twice a week | 2 hours, three times a week 

--> This option will allow you to obtain the necessary bases to start, improve or polish your Hebrew.

  • For all levels and all ages

  • Customized lessons adapted to the student's day-to-day life

  • Focus on conversations and real-life situations

  • One-to-one or small group tuition (max 6 students)



Option #2

"A la carte"

You are often travelling, you're here on holiday or you have not yet moved to Israel "full-time"? Need help with homework for your regular Ulpan, or simply a little boost on a specific subject which still eludes you? Our A La Carte formula is just for you – easy, flexible, and without attendance commitment!

At Betasefer, we give you all the necessary tools to make your daily life here in Israel easy: whether in the supermarket, in the bank, in a restaurant, making an appointment with the doctor, paying your bills online, asking for directions on the street… and in many other situations which might today seem like insurmountable challenges!


You need help mastering a specific subject, preparing a job interview, decoding your children's homework, or simply understanding what actually goes on at work? Your schedule is simply too hectic, traditional ulpan does not suit you?  We are here to assist you and help you familiarize yourself with this specific vocabulary.


At every level, we will confront you with current and social issues, covering a range of topics such as health, politics, sport, education, culture and travel. Classes are generally organized on a one-to-one basis, which allows us to tailor their content to your professional and personal needs. We also organize small group sessions (from 3 to 6 people) to allow for greater interaction between students, where you will be invited to engage over different day-to-day situations.

Focus on conversations and real-life situations

Help and support with paperwork and other administrative formalities

"Tachless" conversation workshops & coaching

Children: academic Hebrew classes

Regular programs or "A La Carte" classes

Private or small group tuition

Flexible schedule

Experienced & trained teachers

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