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Jessica was born in Switzerland. Passionate about Hebrew, she decided to join the Betasefer team to become a Hebrew teacher. Always patient, kind and funny, Jessica is a wonderful person and a talented teacher. If she is not at school, she is probably busy acting, learning lines for her next play, for shooting for her cinema studies.

Jessica Kraatz

Hebrew Teacher

מורה לעברית

Noémie was born in Paris, France. Passionate about Israel, she made Aliyah a few years back to complete her master's degree here. A consummate artist and a talented musician, she is always thinks out of the box and is definitely not to be missed at Betasefer! If Noémie isn’t at school, she is probably busy writing lyrics for one of her new songs, performing on a stage or shooting a music video.​

Noemie Dahan

Hebrew Teacher

מורה לעברית

Yaniv is a real "Tsabar" (born in Israel). A few years ago, he decided to go to France to follow his love for the theatre, where he discovered his second passion – teaching. His dynamism, his humor and his passion mean that even a simple lesson transforms into a wonderful play. If Yavnic isn’t at school, he is probably teaching his young students how to act on a stage.


Hebrew Teacher

מורה לעברית

Originally from Brussels, Belgium, I made Aliyah 15 years ago and went through the traditional integration journey of a newly-arrived Olah (a university preparatory program, a degree in Hebrew, and a job in an Israeli company).

Five years ago, I followed my dream and opened Betasefer, a private and exclusive school which helps Olim in their everyday life and integration in Israel.

Stephanie Marrache

Founder / Teacher

About us

Betasefer offers custom-made programs, tailored to your needs, in a cosy and warm environment right in the center of Tel Aviv! 


What is Betasefer?

Betasefer is a unique ulpan which offers customized, tailor-made programs which answer the student's specific needs – in the form of both private and small group tuition.

Our students consider Betasefer to be a second home, as we make sure to go beyond simply teaching them Hebrew by truly accompanying them throughout their integration journey in Israeli society. This involves helping them with paperwork and other administrative formalities, writing a CV in Hebrew adapted to the demands of the Israeli market, looking and applying for jobs, and familiarizing themselves with their work environment – whether they are pharmacists, child care workers, journalists, designers, restaurant owners, lawyers, osteopaths or entrepreneurs. 

Our Method

Throughout the years, I have developed a very unique teaching method, based on my own personal experience. This method is used at Betasefer by young, experienced and talented teachers. This approach has already been tested and validated by hundreds of students. I believe that any efficient and long-term teaching of a language necessitates the use of all our senses. At Betasaefer, we strive to stimulate our students by giving them mnemonics linked to their mother tongue. 

There is no secret to learning a new language: it simply takes time! It requires from the student constant investment and continuous work. We are there to remind you of that, and to give you all the tips and tricks that will help you through this journey.

Our promise is to offer you a full immersion in Hebrew, and to make sure to always focus on what you truly need.

MOJO - We adapt to you, and not you to us.

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